April 20, 2018

Last time you went down to the beach for a surf- did you spot the growing levels of plastic beneath your feet? Or has the quality of the pow on your last ski trip decreased? Sadly, this is the reality of all of our oceans and snow spots- plastic pollution and climate change is happening to us all. We’ve already taken out 74% of plastic from our packaging whilst working on the final 26%, and we’ve taken this bold move one step further…

Introducing our brand new British warehouse- ready for business.

Our little (big) warehouse’s sustainability credentials began before our building was even built- 124 acres of Peruvian rainforest being safeguarded ready to offset carbon emissions incurred by construction. Now, we hope our huge location will become a shining beam to lead the way for other businesses in the 21st century. With Solar PV for our electricity, Thermal for hot water, a grey water system to collect rainwater and sensor controlled LED lighting; the building is filled with examples of environmental innovation that everyone from a family home to a multinational business can take ideas from, and we’d love you to. If mod-cons don’t impress you, our warehouse includes facilities like bike racks and public transport for our staff to travel safely and responsibly, and we’ve even got lush grounds that encourage local ecology. If you love the knitty-gritty, we’re proud to say our building has achieved a BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’, and an Energy Performance Certificate of ‘A’; something all businesses should be striving towards. So what does all this do? Essentially, this limits our effects on global warming.


Whether we’re skiers, boarders or surfers, the world is our playground and it’s everyone’s duty to help protect it, and that’s why our passionate team of extreme sports enthusiasts have taken our ethos even further. Over 38 million tonnes of waste is sent to UK landfill (DEFRA) so we’ve committed ourselves to a ‘zero to landfill’ agreement. Carbon dioxide levels in the air are at their highest in 650,000 years (NASA) so we’re on a 100% renewable energy contract and 100% Bio gas tariff. When this last January was the fifth warmest in 138 years of record keeping (NASA) and just Greenland’s ice sheet alone is losing mass at an average 281 gigatons per year (NASA), this is the least any business can do.


Our new sustainable and efficient warehouse is just the first step in leading the way in reducing our carbon footprint and increasing environmental awareness. All of this can be done now rather than within the national 2020 goals, so expect to see more biodegradable and recyclable packaging, sustainable partnerships and environmental advocation for Extreme Pie. As legend Stephanie Gilmore said, “Surfing is the first thing I can remember being consumed by”; expect more from us in the fight to stop climate changing consuming our playground- what will you do?