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Vans Shoes and Clothing

Vans Shoes and Clothing

Vans is the brand that everyone in the skate community, the BMX track and the beach has heard of; they all probably wear it too. Since 1966 Vans has been manufacturing some of the most iconic shoes around - the waffle sole, the classic checkerboard design and the comfy slip on style have all been behind the success of this well known and respected name on the alternative scene. Team riders rocking the Vans name over the years have included Tony Alva, Geoff Rowley and Bucky Lasek, and even those not sponsored by Vans have got a few pairs of Vans shoes in their wardrobe. Whether it's their comfy Vans Beanies and headwear, Vans Tees and shorts or those classic Vans Slip on shoes, you'll get them all at



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