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Uvex Winter Sport Goggles and Helmets

Uvex Winter Sport Goggles and Helmets

Uvex offers the best safety and protection when it comes to winter sports goggles and helmets. Their innovative designs and complex technologies shine in every one of their products. Uvex (uv-ex = ultraviolet excluded) was first introduced in the fifties by Rainer Winter, who was managing director of Uvex Winter Holding GmbH. & Co.KG based in Furth, Germany. The brand originally only sold sunglasses but since then has expanded into all sorts of sporting products as well as a personal protective equipment range.

Their ground breaking technologies include decentered lenses, supravision, vario-pola, polavision, magnetic interchangeable lenses, automatic lense tinting and direct frame ventilation. These technologies combined enable Uvex to surpass all others in comfort, visibility and ultraviolet protection so you can back to the bigger issue in life - shredding!