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Sanuk Sandals & Shoes

Sanuk Sandals & Shoes

Sanuk, when translated into Thai, means fun. That pretty much sets the scene for this brand as that's exactly what they spend their time having; and lots of it. But when the Sanuk team isn't out surfing, taking in nature and enjoying the great outdoors, they do take their ethics seriously and ensure that the reasons for the brands founding are not lost.

Sanuk Footwear was founded in 1997 by native Californian Jeff Kelley to be a bit different from others on the scene, making use of recycled materials such as outdoor carpet and yoga mats. Eco friendly and conscious of the effects that the footwear industry has on the environment, Sanuk's efforts have won them awards as well as loyal fans including renowned surfers, Donavon Frankenreiter and Dave Rastovich.