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SWIMS Footwear

SWIMS Footwear

The humble galosh has been given not only a revival, but a re-imagining with the innovative design from Norwegian footwear brand SWIMS. Back in 2006, the spark of idea was to turn galoshes into a freshly styled and highly functional shoe collection suited to every taste and trend across the globe. As the seasons in Norway consist of heavy winters and warm summers, ideally footwear needs to be perform well and be versatile enough to go from one set of weather conditions to another, so SWIMS galoshes, shoes and also their outerwear clothing has been carefully and expertly designed to do so. One thing SWIMS love is water, whether being active on or around it, or exploring the outdoors in wet weather, so the SWIMS Loafers and Galoshes have been ‘SWIMSified’ to be water-friendly, yet give a bright pop of style to your wardrobe as well. Head outdoors, rain or shine with SWIMS Slip-on footwear and more with us here at Extreme Pie.