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Rip Curl Clothing

Rip Curl Clothing

Rip Curl are all about surfing, the sea, the environment and freedom of lifestyle. Rip Curl was founded by surfers for surfers to create products that allow them to surpass all boundaries and limitations that face them and embody the idea of 'The Search'. A concept created by the company in the 90's to encourage people to let down their walls of greed and lust and get back to the original ideals of surfing - catching big waves, exploring the ocean and doing it all in the company of good friends and fellow surfers.

Today the brand still creates all their products and designs with The Search in mind. But Rip Curl aren't only about this idyllic surfer lifestyle. They are also renowned for the quality of their products and that passion that can be found sewed into the seams of each piece.

Rip Curl is a true surf brand, with proper surf roots. Built using the knowledge of pro surfers their technical gear still leads the way in design and innovation in the industry.

We stock the latest Rip Curl Clothing lines from this season - from T-Shirts to Hoodys, Shorts to Beanies has them all, and that's why we are the premier destination for surf gear.