RVCA Clothing

It's one of those buzzwords that every brand is throwing around and claiming; different. But the thing is not all brands that say they're unique and quite unlike any other you'll find, genuinely are. In a lot of cases their products stand out and look great but the chances are you've seen them somewhere before. But, when you look at RVCA it's a totally different story. RVCA never put itself into a category, any kind of lifestyle area or sport scene, it just fell into a natural home with its range of clothing and accessories. Taking inspiration from music, fashion and art, RVCA Clothing combines all of those areas and creates something interesting that's at home on the back of a BMX rider surfer or skater - just about anyone that likes good clothing.

RVCA place a huge emphasis on giving back to the artists that create and inspire their clothing, they are not only their to create outstanding clothing but also to support and provide a platform for artists, musicians and skaters alike. RVCA is a supportive network for these people, uniting them and telling their stories through the clothes they produce.



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