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Pro-Tec Helmets & Protection

Pro-Tec Helmets & Protection

Safety is important especially when performing your favourite boardsport so why not choose the tried and tested Pro-Tec Helmets and pads to keep you well protected. Since 1973 Pro-Tec safety gear has been seen on the heads of skaters, snowboarders and BMX riders all over the globe due a mix of it being the first dedicated boardsports helmet, having advanced technical materials like EPS foam, Nylex, In-Mold and Hardshell and a timeless design style that has proven so popular it has changed very little over the years. The Pro-Tec team riders like Pedro Barros, Bucky Lasek and Steve Caballero can always be seen wearing the latest headgear and even some bespoke versions, plus a number of world-class pro riders wear them too and as they are very affordable every can enjoy the safety, comfort and peace of mind a Pro-Tec helmet can provide.