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Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboards are the original supplier of quality plastic skateboards. Founded in the early 70's by Ben Mackay, passionate and talented skater, Penny Skateboards offer some of the best decks, trucks and accessories around. They even do clothing and bags.

Penny Skateboards was founded on a passion for skating and quality boards, the idea came to Ben when he thought back to his first plastic skateboard he got at the age of 5 which he customised himself to be baby blue with pinstripes. A lot of time has passed since then and Ben has gone through many boards, but there's still something about that classic little plastic deck that just sparks passion and joy in skaters across the world. Their fresh look and massive range of designs make them the huge hit that they are today.

But they don't just look good, they are extremely high quality and their advanced design makes them such a pleasure to ride. Turning sharp corners and avoiding all obstacles is a breeze.