Neff Clothing

Neff Clothing

Lay eyes on a Neff beanie and they'll be there for a while. Why? Because they're quite simply eye-catching, and that's exactly what Neff set out to do when it launched in 2002. Set up by Californian native, Shaun Neff, his namesake is a fun and exciting headwear brand with a big difference. Growing up in an area surrounded by the skate, surf and snow culture, Neff always wanted to make his mark in the business side of the scene and so set out selling his clothing to start with, out of his car. He soon decided that in order to get people feeling the Neff love, he had to focus on a product and so Neff headwear was born.

Neff has kept that focus and brought out a range of beanies that have the extreme scene at its core. With professional snowboarders, skaters and surfers supporting the brand and spreading the love, Neff is a brand leader with big plans for the future. Buy Neff Beanies at and you'll see just what we're talking about.



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