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Moon Boot

Moon Boot

The 20th July 1969 was an important day in all of history as millions around the world watched NASA put the first man on the moon. One such person was Giancarlo Zanatta who while witnessing this momentous event was inspired by the look, shape and technology that went into the boots each astronauts wore and began sketching what would become known as the Original Moon Boot. Launched in the early 1970s by his company the Italian Tecnica Group, the first wave of stylish Moon Boots became a brand of their own and throughout the eighties became the height of fashion as they continued to develop new styles and designs to their iconic footwear. The construction of each Moon Boot has remained the same throughout the decades with a thin rubber outsole and cellular rubber midsole with uppers made from Nylon fabrics with PU foam elements to complete their unique design and offer superior lasting comfort but many new print designs and collaborations have been added to the collection. In addition to the Moon Boot range we have available here at there are styles for all ages in women’s and men’s versions, plus collections made with iconic fashion and media figures plus major films such as Star Wars so that whether you choose to wear them around town or even on the slopes everyone will be able to find a Moon Boot to best suit their wardrobe.