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Heelys Shoes

Want to go skate but can't be bothered with a deck? Try something a bit different with a pair of Skate Heelys at Everyone remembers the first time they saw a kid gliding down the street in a pair of shoes and then having to do a double take, it wasn't long before these shoes were taking the skate scene by storm. Today, Heelys wheel shoes are the must have for extreme kids and even adults can enjoy them. Get your hands on, and your feet into a pair of these and have fun.

When Rodger Adams decided to cut open a pair of shoes and insert a skateboard wheel he struck gold! Heelys stormed onto the market and before we knew it there were kids riding round the path circles making you stop and look. Today, we've wised up to the fact they're not actually gliding, but wheeling round on their Heelys.


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