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Emerica Skate Shoes & Clothing

Emerica Skate Shoes & Clothing

For the better part of two decades Emerica has been constantly innovating and defying expectation and conventions by creating skater specific products that look bold and have function and performance that lasts. Each pair of Emerica Shoes, clothing and apparel accessory is made to stand up to the boardsport lifestyle so have plenty of durability and feature designs and styling that grabs attention. The Emerica skate shoes are built to a tried and tested vulcanised rubber construction with tough stitching and comfort enhancing features for ultimate response and control while skateboarding while visually looking great. Emerica Clothing offers the same quality across the range of t-shirts, caps, beanies, jackets and belts with the famous Emerica logo, font or just out there prints emblazoned onto them for truly original skate culture style. You can find Emerica products so you can skate and ride all day with quality gear right here at Extremepie.