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Electric Sunglasses & Ski Goggles

Electric Sunglasses & Ski Goggles

Need a high voltage charge in your vision? Electric California is the premium sport and lifestyle accessory brand for sunglasses, snow goggles, and accessories and has been since back in March 2000 when the company was launched at the SIA snow show in Las Vegas. Born in South California's booming action sports, art and music culture, the products are designed with style and function as the precedent; Electric Sunglasses have enough styles to appease the hidden and not so hidden personality in everyone.

The Electric volt logo comes as standard on Electric's hats, t-shirts, and stickers, teamed with excellent quality and the freshest designs. Over the past decade, Electric has been the brand behind the most unique and innovative sunglasses styles available. Team inspired and reflecting the personality and attitude of youth culture, Electric sunglasses and snow goggles, watches and snow helmets, bags, apparel and accessories are world-renowned for everything that matters - style, substance and reliability. What more could you ask for?