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Dryrobe Changing Robes

Dryrobe Changing Robes

Back in 1983, little did Dryrobe company founder Gideon Bright know that a home-made gift from his mother would lead to an innovative product used throughout the world. The idea behind each Dryrobe is to give waterproof and windproof full body coverage for surfers and swimmers to get changed under in privacy. Through trials and testing each Dryrobe changing robe merged all of the features of similar products with a jacket-like outer, but a towel robe interior and added in handy features for even more practical function. As a result, Dryrobes feature a shell fabric outer to keep out the elements, while inside a warm, moisture wicking interior helps you dry off as you can get changed with ease and peace of mind. Additional features include pockets for essentials like your wallet, touchscreen devices and more, plus have a two way zip and arms so you can still move around as normal while wearing it. At Extremepie you can find Dryrobe changing robes in a selection of colourways and sizes along with functional surf accessories as well to make for an improved experience getting in and out of the water.