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Douchebags Bags & Luggage

Douchebags Bags & Luggage

Douchebags is the newest name in bags and luggage, providing innovative designs and advanced solutions for the modern traveler. Their work with the Norwegian College of Science and Technology, Roros Flyservice and the Freedom Fighters allows them to be the biggest brand leading the way in their field. This combination of expertise and passion allows them to do surpass all obstacles the modern traveler is faced with.

The concept of Douchebags originated in 2009. On a week of epic action in a Glorious and untouched Western part of Norway, GS skier and passionate sportsman Jon Olsson met up with product engineer turned entrepreneur Truls Brataas. There the two men shared their deep passion for action sports, travel and product design. It was in that moment that they decided to create the Douchebags project.

The pair were avid travelers and sportsmen, so they knew that they wanted to create something to fit perfectly into this lifestyle. With both men having their fair share of experience travelling with their gear and the issues they faced doing this they knew they had to create a new range of bags to overcome the key issues. They designed their bags upon five key aspects; the adjust-ability to fit every type of equipment, low weight, durability, easy storage and a ground breaking new carrying system.