Surfing Equipment

Beginner, Intermediate or expert surfer, we offer a range of Surf Hardware like boards and accessories to help you tackle any rips you can get. A huge range of Surf Accessories can be seen by Dakine, Nice Rack and Northcore which includes Surf leashes, traction pads and washes to clean your surfboard as well. Surfboards were never designed to be easy to travel around with unless it fits conveniently into your car which is why we have chosen some of the best Surf Hardware like Surfing Racks and Pads we could find to make sure you don't damage your prize possession from premium makers Northcore and Nice Rack. We even carry waterproof car seats to keep your ride nice and dry after a long day of catching waves. We have a large range of surf clothing available at Extremepie from some of the top brands like Animal, Roxy, Quicksilver and many more.




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