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DVS Footwear & Clothing

DVS Footwear & Clothing

While DVS is not the longest running skate company in the business, you can't argue with the fact that they' already had a massive impact by taking on the skate scene and making a name for themselves. Instead of looking at what was trending, DVS - established in 1995 by Kevin Dunlap and Tim Gavin - picked up where skating had left off and continued by creating a brand that understood what the sport was really about.

DVS trainers found their home on verts, half pipes and rails and let skaters enjoy the happy medium between a skating shoe, and shoe to enjoy after the ride. This soon caught on and today the DVS Skate team has grown into one that boasts some of the biggest names from the world of street sports. With DVS riders like Chico Brenes, Marty Murawski, Torey Pudwill, Daewon Song, Luis Toletino, Flo Mirtain and Paul Shier the DVS brand is always going to have that skater's edge that others are still trying to find.