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Anon Gear

Anon Gear

In 2001 something revolutionary happened in the retail market for optics: Anon was born. They had a simple vision of having a lifestyle for individuals who seek to escape the status quo and making the best eyewear imaginable to highlight it; whether you're out in the wilderness, driving to the shops or relaxing at the beach. Since then their range has expanded to include helmets, clothing and other accessories. Anon are ambassadors of style and design, with their products being big hits not just among the winter sports community but urban lifestyle fans across the world. Anon have continually pioneered new designs and concepts in crafting sunglasses and goggles by utilising unique material applications mixed with handmade natural styles combined with edgy designs, sculpted accents and vivid colours to make themselves a global icon loved by the action sports community. Having built up team riders for surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding to vigorously test and showcase every innovative pair of Anon Goggles and Anon Glasses to perfect them ready for the global market.

Meeting the needs of every action sports enthusiast on the globe is not something to be missed which is why at we have only the pinnacle in Anon products ready for you to review and buy today.