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686 Clothing

686 Clothing

In the mid-eighties a chance encounter inspired Skateboarder Michael Akira West to start snowboarding and he spent the next few years fusing music, vintage clothing and trainers with 'skating on snow' to hit a spark that resulted in the innovative company 686 - referencing an important date in his life. Michael wanted to create something original when he had nothing to lose so he went out and built the best ski jacket and ski pants brand around. The key motive behind 686 is to create innovative and stylish ski outerwear and technical clothing using the culture born from Los Angeles as inspiration to provide the ever-expanding ski & snowboarding culture with a look that was fashionable and functional, made to the highest possible standard. Since then 686's team of riders have been relentlessly testing the products out on the slopes and in competitions to make sure the pinnacle of skie and snow clothing is made available to the community it loves. Being independently owned has meant that the ideals of this brand icon have been kept at their core, consistently delivering unique and innovative snow gear with fashion and style to rival the best designers.