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Kids Trousers & Shorts

Here at we've got an awesome collection of boys Trousers, Shorts, Chinos and Jogging Pants to choose from. We stock items from all the top brands of the moment including Animal, DC and Quiksilver and bring you gear for chilling, staying active and looking cool without having to pay millions for them.

We've got tonnes of great designs in plain or bold colours to suit any outfit and any personality, and our collection is stylish, reliable and affordable for everyone. Whether you're looking for comfortable post-skate pants to lounge around in or want the freshest threads to show off to your mates, Boys Trousers and Shorts at will do just that.

We've got a stylish range of girl's trousers, shorts, chinos and jogging pants for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for your new favourite pair of jeans or some perfect summer shorts, you'll find them here at the best price online. Plus we're constantly updating our stock to keep up with all the latest trends, so you can ensure that you always look good and feel great when shopping with Mums and Dads don't need to worry about spending a fortune either, with excellent affordability for all budgets.