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Dakine Backpacks & Luggage

Dakine Backpacks & Luggage

Da Kine roughly translates from Hawaiian meaning "that thing". You could say that referring to one of the brands premium quality backpacks with mesh pockets and fleece lining, or a Dakine duffel bag featuring fantastic waterproof properties as that thing; is a bit of an understatement. Because when you grab a Dakine bag and pack it full of your most precious equipment or sensitive products, you know that it is going to protect what's inside no matter what you put it through.

Ever had the feeling that as soon as you get your case from baggage reclaim at the other end of your journey that it's going to be wrecked? If you have then it's probably because your bag was a bit rubbish, anyone with a poor quality bit of kit is going to feel a bit apprehensive about letting it go.

Dakines range is an ever expanding collection of surf, skate, cycling and snow packs, tools, leashes and board bags. Packing much more than a luggage collection into their offerings, Dakine is one of the worlds biggest and best brands for the whole action sports industry.

Think of Dakine and loads of different thoughts come to mind; quality, style and hassle-free journeys among them. And it is not just smaller Dakine bags and packs that pack a punch, Dakine luggage such as the awesome Dakine split rollers make use of some brilliant features including easy access to your gear, solid construction and strong materials to keep everything together and in its place. Dakine check in luggage is some of the best you'll find and with Dakine suitcases available at the best prices at, you can affordably take one on your next holiday.