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Launched in the late 90s, Adio footwear was created with the real skaters of the era in mind. Headed by world renowned and respected skater, Chris Miller wanted to develop a range of footwear that appealed to both novice and professional skaters.

Building its enviable reputation over the coming years, Adio Shoes made a name for itself by being different and now bowing to the pressures of other commercial skate brands. Rather than substituting quality and the true skate ethics for a pretty shoe that looked the part, Adio stuck to its guns and put its heart and soul into every pair of skates shoes they made. And with skaters favourites such as the Adio Combo Lo Shoes, Adio V4 Shoes, Adio Release Shoes and the Adio Duke Shoes coming out of the brand, it is not hard to see why some of the biggest names in skating including Tony Hawk, Shawn White and Bam Margera endorse Adio in a big way.

The perfect choice for skaters looking for authenticity and a shoe that wont let you down, Adio trainers at ExtremePie.com are always available in the best and newest styles at the best prices.

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